Monday, 8 April 2013


Lady Thatcher has only been dead a few hours, and already student/communist thugs are rejoicing like autistic emus.  Comment below and tell these loons how wrong they are! 

No one on here was alive when Hitler was around, you all hate him.  I'll hate Thatcher until I die, don't tell me what I can an can't do.


Great News Thatcher is dead!!! 


Margaret thatcher fucked more minors than jimmy saville


I know it's harsh to laugh at the dead, but... HA! Fuck off Thatcher you stupid sack conservative shit.


RIP Margaret Thatcher, the Milk Snatcher


I'm not middle class and not pretending to care about Thatcher dying, so neither should a lot of you. Shameful
12:25 PM - 08 Apr 13 from Birmingham, United Kingdom


20yrs ago I'd have gone on the biggest piss up ever to celebrate Thatcher's death. Now I think I'll have a glass of milk.


R.I.P margaret thatcher even though she was a major bitch !


There's only a few exceptions for me to not show respect for the dead, and she was top of the list. Party on her minute silence! #Thatcher


Thankfully, somebody made an observation:

Seems like a good chunk of those celebrating Thatcher's death are students who weren't even born when she was PM. Pathetic.

(A formal article will be posted later today concerning the death of Margaret Thatcher)

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