Saturday, 23 March 2013


I have been in full gear recently over the brainwashing of students in schools and universities.  I covered the story of the student who was suspended for refusing to stomp on the name ‘JESUS’, and the performance of a pro-homosexual play that mocks the Bible in a school in Massachusetts.  Now, something else has come my way that I have to share with you. 

Sex Maniac Dancing
SEX MANIAC Cindy Gallop wants to bring her seedy
beliefs to 'every college campus . . . in the world'
Students are having a tough time paying off their loans.  The situation has become so dire that the New York Federal Reserve is worried it might drag down the housing recovery. 

Thank heavens the University of Missouri has found an answer!  The University sponsored an hour-long talk last Wednesday, given by businesswoman Cindy Gallop.  In a hall where between 50 and 75 percent of the audience looked college-aged, Gallop asked students to join her ‘movement’: making porn videos and putting them on her website, ‘Make Love Not Porn.’ 

This so-called scheme is a great way, Gallop said, to make cash and pay of loans.  She tempted her prey by insisting that her movement was different from regular porn, which creates false, unrealistic impressions. 

But it became clear that Gallop is interested about more than just students paying off their loans – she wants a social revolution. 

‘I want to socialize sex,’ she declared.  She said her dream is to see her website become a porn-filled version of YouTube or Facebook. 

Doesn’t that make it a whole lot clearer to you?  She goes into a university, filled with the minds of tomorrow, and tries to convince them that porn is a good thing that should be encouraged.  Forget what’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.  Morals don’t exist anymore.  Do as you please (or, to be more specific, do as Gallop tells you). 

For that is the real meat of the matter.  By inviting her to talk, the university has attempted to steer their students towards this type of ‘work’.  They are presenting what was previously viewed as a dark underworld, as the gateway to the future. 

Strange, isn’t it?  I get people telling me that conservatives actively try to force their ‘way of life’ on others.  But when a bizarre ‘businesswoman’ walks onto a university stage and starts preaching the wonders of the porn industry to students, people turn a blind eye. 

What has gotten into universities and schools?  Can they not just *stop trying to change people’s social attitudes* and concentrate on educating, instead?  It seems to me that the Left are the ones constantly bringing social issues to the table.  Conservatives just want schools to shut up about sex, and let students decide for themselves what is right and wrong, with the help of their upbringing and personal beliefs.  There’s nothing extreme in the latter view. 

But don’t think this will be an isolated incident.  Gallop has tweeted:

‘We want @makelovenotporn on college campuses all over the US – and the world’.

The *world*, this Trotskyite has big ambitions.  On *every college campus*, working hard to pollute the minds of the young, who will be far away from home and therefore far away from the values of their upbringing, into accepting and embracing the Sexual Revolution. 

The Left has spoken.  Take warning.        

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