Sunday, 16 December 2012


When I am unable to sleep, I try mentally counting the amount of times I have been accused of ‘racism’.  I soon drift into a long snooze, smothered by the enormity of the numbers. 

WATCH OUT: Disagreeing with mass-immigration could land you a
charge of 'racism' - are we seeing the emergence of a 'Thought Police'
My recent episodes with this has come in response to an article I wrote on Jamaicans in the UK, who were celebrating independence from the British Empire passionately and full-heartedly, whilst living their entire lives in Britain.  The article, which you can read here, points out the problems with this (you can work out for yourself if it is racist or not). 

Anyway, the arguments for it being racist are: ‘I’m black I’m black you’re white you’re white I can come from wherever I want don’t tell me where I come from you’re stupid bigot!!!!’  When this was exclaimed to my face I quickly realized there was no need to argue (for there was no argument).  Instead, I told the individuals to stop their crap and get back to work.  Eventually, they did.

But this is what ‘racism’ means these days.  It stands for being politically incorrect, for saying things like ‘ I think mass-immigration is wrong.  Indeed, Will Self – that overblown far-left dreamer – said on ‘Question Time’ the other day that people who were against immigration were usually also against ‘black and brown people’.   Thank goodness Peter Hitchens was on the panel, for he was able to give the sigh that nobody else would have dared to give.  As usual he gave a unique and entirely rational perspective on immigration – focusing on the cultural implications of turning a country into an airstrip.  He added, like I do, that immigration wasn’t a problem so long as it is controlled, and so long as the immigrates integrate with the society they are living in, as opposed to colonizing parts of London with their ‘communities’, a practice that is encouraged under state multiculturalism. 

I will not go into my own recent experience with this silly term, but it is not hard to imagine the details.  The logic is, as ever, flimsy and never entirely explained – that is because there is no logic, that is because the left can’t handle logic, that is because if it did handle it the Left Wing Movement would pillage and burn, and that is because the Left Wing Movement has no credible alternative to offer.     

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