Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I hate it when leaders come up with clichéd phrases.  They are empty, laughable and even dangerous little insertions that show the true sides of politicians.  Obama let slip that ‘the Best Is Yet To Come’, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or stick my shoe through the television screen. 

OBAMA'S REVOLUTION: The Man with a Mission is taking America to dark places
Mr. Obama should have learnt from his last campaign that pretending to be Superman is morally wrong, because you get people’s hopes up.  Yet that was what he did during his victory speech.  ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ became the new ‘Yes We Can’ or ‘Time For Change’.  He couldn’t deliver change, or rather he couldn’t fulfill the hopes of millions, yet now he’s in with another promise he won’t be able to keep.  Still, what does he care?  He won’t be running again. 

Yet 50% of American voters chose him as President.  Why?  Well, after contemplating the ridiculous move in Colorado to legalize a dangerous poison, perhaps the electorate was high on marijuana.  Perhaps it could also be the brutal style of campaigning liberals use to destroy their conservative opponents.  Saint Barack’s tactics reminded me of a dodgy football player, who likes to use slide-tackles and handballs when the referee isn’t looking.  In this case, however, the referee was the media, and the media did see Obama’s foul play, but they didn’t red card him – no, they encouraged him.  The nice Mitt Romney was attacked for fulfilling the American dream (i.e. becoming rich via hard work).  He was called a racist, even though there is not a shred of evidence that reveals him to be a ‘racist’.  There was a thing called the ‘War on Women’, infused by the Binders argument and a belief in the value of life being turned on its head.  Their plan was to portray Romney as an evil free-marketeering capitalist who only cared for the rich.  If you spent enough time watching all their ads you’d start to think the man was going to bring back slavery. 

Whilst Obama’s team passionately preached about the horrors of binders full of women and the end of Big Bird, Mitt Romney was busy talking about jobs and the eagle that once symbolized a truly powerful, dynamic country.  Despite what the clown said (that Romney wanted to put people in ‘chains’) Mitt is actually a good guy.  I’ve heard of countless people telling their personal stories about how he helped them.  He’s charitable, and he loves America – not Obama’s socialist European-style America – no, the REAL America, the Constitutional America. 

Great nations can fall.  I fear that America is now balancing on the great pillars of its former self.  For the moment it still stands above the rest, holding the beacon, illuminating the world, but soon the pillars will rot away.  Who would have thought, in 1925, that the British Empire – with its colossal military, vast territory and morally splendid society – would collapse morally, culturally and economically?  I also love America (and I’m British), but I love the real America.  I don’t want it to become a big France or even worse, Greece.  I don’t want a culture of handouts and strikes plaguing that once electric land.  America was built on a strong work ethic.  If Obama gets his way, if he implements his revolution, the American Dream, as we know it, will cease to exist.  

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